International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research
Abbreviation: IJIAAR | ISSN (Online): 2602-4772 | DOI: 10.29329/ijiaar

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International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research 2018, Vol. 2(2) 103-110

Genetic Diversity in Triticale Breeding Lines, Stored in IPGR Sadovo

Evgeniy Dimitrov, Nikolaya Velcheva & Zlatina Peycheva Uhr

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Genetic Variability, Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis in Seed Yield and Related Traits of Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata (L.) Walp) Germplasm Accessions on High Altitude Area of Jos Plateau

Kwon-Ndung E.H. & Kwala T. D.
Volume 1 Issue 1

Contribution to the Agro-Morphological Characterization of Three Vetch Species (Vicia Spp.) in the Setif Semi-Arid Region by Discriminant Factorial Analysis (ADF)

Cheniti Khalissa & Mansour Lynda-Maya
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Estimation of Gene Action, Heritability and Pattern of Association among Different Yield Related Traits in Upland Cotton

Bilal Nawaz, Muhammad Naeem, Tanwir Ahmad Malik, Ghulam Muhae-Ud-Din, Qadeer Ahmad & Saira Sattar
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Ecological Stability of Quantitative Signs in White Lupin Varieties

Valentin Kosev, Viliana Vasileva & Yalçın Kaya
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Investigation on the Adaptability of A Group of Topical Common Winter Wheat Cultivars

Emil Penchev, Sonya Doneva & Rumiana Alexandrova
Volume 3 Issue 2

Promising Use of Alpha-Spin(r) Nano Particles Bombardment for Selection of Useful Variations in Moringa Oleifera Seedlings in Nigeria

Emmanuel Kwon-Ndung, Cynthia Joseph, Enock Goler, Hauwa Kana & Paul Terna
Volume 3 Issue 2

Allelopathic Effects of Jimsonweed (Datua Stramonium L.) Seed on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Some Leguminous Crops

Awadallah Belal Dafaallah, Waleed N. Mustafa & Yasir H. Hussein
Volume 3 Issue 2

Host Specificity of Sudan Witchweed (Striga Hermonthica [Del.] Benth.) Seed Germination and Haustorium Initiation in Response to Sorghum Root Exudates and Extracts

Awadallah B. Dafaallah, Abd Elgabar T. Babiker & Abbasher Awad Abbasher
Volume 3 Issue 2

Analaysis of Important Indices in New Bulgarian Hybrids Linzi and Deveda

Nina Nenova, Daniela Valkova & Emil Penchev
Volume 3 Issue 3

Genetic Distance of New Bulgarian Durum Wheat Varieties and Breeding Lines of FCI-Chirpan, Bulgaria

Rangel Dragov, Dechko Dechev & Krasimira Taneva
Volume 3 Issue 3