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Original article | International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research 2021, Vol. 5(3) 269-278

Docking Studies on the Effects of Some Bioactive Compounds from Pistacia atlantica Desf. against Main Protease SARS-CoV2

Taıb Nadjat, Sıtayeb Tayeb, Necmi Beşer & Aıssaouı Nadia

pp. 269 - 278   |  DOI:

Published online: September 30, 2021  |   Number of Views: 8  |  Number of Download: 31


Novel coronavirus which was named later as SARS-CoV2 appeared in Wuhan, China, in the end of December 2019. Actually, no precise drugs are existed and research concerning SARS-CoV2 treatment is deficient. SARS-CoV2 main protease (Mpro) was crystallized by Liu et al. (2020) and represented a crucial drug target. The present work aimed to evaluate some bioactive compounds from Pistacia atlantica as possible SARS-CoV2 Mpro inhibitors, based on molecular docking approach. Molecular docking was carried out using AutoDock Vina software. The results indicated that Beta-Eudesmol, Elemol, Verbenol, Pinocarvone, Myrtenal, Myrtenol and Trans-Carveol have a potential inhibitor activity of SARS-CoV2 Mpro. Nevertheless, further investigations are required to develop and optimize drug process to combat SARS-CoV2.

Keywords: SARS-CoV2, molecular docking, bioactive compounds, Pistacia atlantica

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Nadjat, T., Tayeb, S., Beser, N. & Nadia, A. (2021). Docking Studies on the Effects of Some Bioactive Compounds from Pistacia atlantica Desf. against Main Protease SARS-CoV2 . International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research, 5(3), 269-278. doi: 10.29329/ijiaar.2021.378.2

Nadjat, T., Tayeb, S., Beser, N. and Nadia, A. (2021). Docking Studies on the Effects of Some Bioactive Compounds from Pistacia atlantica Desf. against Main Protease SARS-CoV2 . International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research, 5(3), pp. 269-278.

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Nadjat, Taib, Sitayeb Tayeb, Necmi Beser and Aissaoui Nadia (2021). "Docking Studies on the Effects of Some Bioactive Compounds from Pistacia atlantica Desf. against Main Protease SARS-CoV2 ". International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research 5 (3):269-278. doi:10.29329/ijiaar.2021.378.2.

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