International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research
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International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research 2020, Vol. 4(2) 166-176

The Use of Drones in Agricultural Production

Selçuk Kaya & Zdobyslaw Goraj

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Published online: June 29, 2020  |   Number of Views: 167  |  Number of Download: 572


The drones called as mainly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been commonly used recently in agricultural production in all part of the world because of reducing costs of hardware and the software technology as well as tremendous progresses. Moreover, UAV’s gave opportunities such as reaching much faster and efficient in emergency situations, allowing access to places which humans can’t reach etc. Therefore, UAVs are used in many part of our life not only for agriculture both also traffic surveillance, military operations, disaster management, border-patrolling, aerial image georeferencing, courier services, firefighting as well as monitoring of wildlife, nature, sky life etc. In the agriculture, the UAV’s are used mostly for monitoring the crop production using spectral imaging on each period of time in order to identify the problems on the field such as water shortage and diseases, tracking animals using cameras and herding them with creating sounds produced by the UAV’s, spraying to the field with pesticide, fungicide and water by equipping spraying kit on a UAV, generating the strong winds by the propellers of the UAV increasing pollination in the hybrid plant production as well as separating the small harmful bugs from the plants etc. The UAV’s contribute a lot more to the agricultural sector, if the right implementations and researches are done. However, using new implemented lightweight materials to increase the endurance of the UAV, developing new type of lenses and sensors which can identify other diseases on plants or animals which can’t be seen by the current equipment and equipping a granule spreader on a UAV so that it can distribute the seeds on the field much faster than a tractor.

Keywords: Agriculture, UAVs, Crop Production, Animal Production, Remote Sensing

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Kaya, S. & Goraj, Z. (2020). The Use of Drones in Agricultural Production . International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research, 4(2), 166-176. doi: 10.29329/ijiaar.2020.254.2

Kaya, S. and Goraj, Z. (2020). The Use of Drones in Agricultural Production . International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research, 4(2), pp. 166-176.

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Kaya, Selcuk and Zdobyslaw Goraj (2020). "The Use of Drones in Agricultural Production ". International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research 4 (2):166-176. doi:10.29329/ijiaar.2020.254.2.

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