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Manuscript Types

Research articles (Original Articles)  report substantial and original scientific results within the journal's scope. Generally, these are expected to be between 8 and 16 journal pages, have appropriate figures and/or tables, have references, and have an abstract of 100–200 words.

Review articles summarize the status of knowledge and outline future directions of research within the journal scope. These articles do not have an expected page limit or a maximum number of references, should include appropriate figures and/or tables, and include an abstract of 100–200 words. The manuscript title must start with "Review article:".

Short communications are timely, peer-reviewed and short (2–4 journal pages).  These may be used to report new developments, significant advances, and novel aspects of experimental and theoretical methods and techniques which are relevant for scientific investigations within the journal scope. Short communications have a maximum of three figures and/or tables,  and an abstract length not exceeding 100 words. The manuscript title must start with "Short communication:"

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